The Valiant History of Video Keno

Who would expect that the most loved Video Keno game comes from such a valiant history of the ancient Chinese dynasty origin? Understanding the history of how the Keno game originates gives its players more reasons to love playing the Video Keno game.

Rooted from the ardent Chinese leader whose dedication to save their city from a raging war going on for many years already, the Keno game was created as a way of generating funds to help save their city from the war.

The Video Keno game history unfolds when a Chinese leader known as Cheung Leung whose leadership is confronted with exhausted funds in fighting the war that bring demise to their city. His people are beginning to get tired from donating their own money to support their city from the war.

In response to the deteriorating efforts of his people to donate money, Cheung Leung created a game that will encourage generate income from the gambling activities of his people. His brilliant idea worked and the funds helped support their city and defeat their enemies. The extra funds generated from Keno games helped build the Great Wall of China.

The earlier version of Keno game consists of 120 characters which were used to create a Chinese poem. These Keno characters are used to help children learn some of the Chinese characters. Chinese people continue to patronize the game of Keno which paved the way to the introduction of the Keno game to the United States as brought along by Chinese immigrants to the country.

The game of Keno became a Chinese lottery in California but did not hit the general public because of the indecipherable Chinese characters to most Americans. The Chinese characters used in Keno were eventually changed into the Arabic form which was better appreciated in the United States.

What used to be a Chinese lottery then, the Keno game was considered illegal in Nevada because lotteries was not yet legal at that time in this State. This did not stop Keno from gaining popularity. It was changed to be called Race Horse Keno until such time it eventually settled to be called simply Keno.

The Keno game has an accelerating popularity which makes it become one of the mainstay games in casinos. Instead from the original 120 characters, it was reduced to only 80 characters to improve the chance of its players to win.

Its further exposure as Video Keno game in online casinos paved the way to its complete stardom. There are websites created dedicated solely for Video Keno game, more chat rooms were created for Video Keno players and more online casinos offer the game of Video Keno to satisfy its demand among online gamblers.

The Video Keno game became one of the popular online casino games offered on the Internet. Not all Video Keno lovers know that this well liked game has a valiant origin that continues to fascinate its players.

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