The Kenolyzer Variant of Video Keno Game

playing video keno can be fun and intriguing because of the random way the winning numbers are picked which adds to the suspense of playing the game. Many casino players are fond of playing Video Keno instead of playing to the land casino versions because they are able to get a faster result of knowing their winning numbers.

video keno game provides its players the convenience of not staying in a crowded Keno lounge often seen in casinos. With Video Keno machines, the player is able to enjoy a more private and subtle way of playing their favorite game of Keno.

Playing Video Keno is preferable over its land casino version because of the higher payback percentage it gives in return to its winners. The game of chance of the Video Keno game provides great entertainment to casino players of all ages.

However, playing the video version of Keno can also subject its players to a much faster way of risking and losing their money while playing the game. This is because the Video Keno is a fast paced game which poses more and faster risk of loses to its players per hour of game. Owing to the nature of the game which is highly reliant to luck and chances, there is no absolute certainty that guarantees a player to win at all times.

But thanks to the newer version of Video Keno called the Kenolyzer, a player is able to play a Video Keno game for free with added feature of an analysis tool that can be used for free such as Keno calculator that can be used to calculate the percentage of the Keno game's payback. The same thrill and excitement is provided to its players but without risking their money when playing this variant game of Video Keno.

The Kenolyzer Video Keno has the same look and features of the Video Keno machine seen in casinos with realistic payback percentage and pay schedules. Although the Kenolyzer is a non wagering game of Video Keno, its players will absolutely experience the same fun as in playing a real Video Keno machine.

The Kenolyzer is an excellent Video Keno game that helps a Keno player understands the payback percentages and the rules of playing the Video Keno game. It can help its players get to enjoy a realistic experience of playing Video Keno without risking real money along the process.

With the introduction of Kenolyzer in online Video Keno sites, it gives opportunity to first time Keno players to experience the thrill of playing Video Keno and learn the realistic wagering involved when playing the game of Video Keno to help them decide whether they will like the game enough to participate in real wagering in a game of Video Keno online.

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