The Advantage of Playing Video Keno

The game of Keno has achieved popularity and patronage among casino gamblers because of the delightful experience of playing the game spiced up with its colorful and meaningful history that further fascinates Keno players.

Playing Video Keno does not impose complicated rules to follow. It can be likened to playing either the lottery game or bingo game or a combination of both. Basically the game is based purely from chance.

Playing Video Keno is generally the same as how the Keno game is played in land casinos. It uses a Keno board displayed on the Video Keno machine's screen with the 80 numbers arranged in eight rows.

Just as playing in a Keno game in land casinos, the Keno player will then choose the numbers to bet on. The random picking of the winning numbers then commence and the Keno player just wait to see whether their lucky numbers were picked by the machine.

Many casino players prefer playing Video Keno because of the advantage of getting a higher payout compared when playing Keno live in land casinos. However, not most casino gamblers realize that while playing Video Keno can provide a faster game mode of playing Keno it also imposes risking money at a faster rate too.

But Keno players so much enjoy the advantage of playing Video Keno at an affordable rate at nickel level that outweighs the risk of playing a faster game of Keno. Dollars and quarter Video Keno games are also available for most Keno lover's delight.

Furthermore, aside from the allowable smaller bet level when playing Video Keno, a player can indulge playing in a game of Keno at the advantage of their own pace, usually at a faster rate without having to wait for other players to set their bets.

Although the odds involved in drawing the numbers in playing Video Keno and live Keno are completely the same, Video Keno offers a favorable return rate than the live Keno played in land casinos. The typical return rate offered by live Keno is more or less marked at 70% while Video Keno can offer its players the average of 85% return rate or can soar as high as 90% in some Video Keno machines.

There is no standard strategy that can affect the game of Video Keno as being a game of pure luck. But a Keno player may look from one casino to another to compare the payout involved with their Video Keno as the payout rates greatly vary from casinos. It is always an advantage to play at higher payout Video Keno machines and to look for one that offers the lowest minimum bet.

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