The Payback Rates from Video Keno Game Varieties

Since the Internet explosion and successful introduction of Video Keno as a form of online casino game, many online casino game varieties of Video Keno emerge to give Keno players versatile variants of playing the video keno game.

The most common Video Keno variants offered when playing in online casino site's have different pay tables that a Keno player should be on the look out for a better pay out claim when playing the Video Keno game.

The payback percentages offered in each Video Keno games are determined by the casino itself and not by the video keno machine manufacturer. The Video Keno machine manufacturer's role is to provide the specifications needed by the casino including the adjustment of payback rate desired by the casino to offer their players.

Cleopatra Video Keno is played in similar manner as playing the traditional keno game only with the difference in significance involving the last ball drawn that once matches a player's lucky number not only makes them a winner but awards the player with 12 more free games to play as well.

Using the free games, all winnings of a player is doubled in amount. This offers a great bonus game that doubles the fun and money of the Video Keno player. The payoff in this game decreases though in order to accommodate the bonus feature of this Video Keno variant.

The Caveman Keno is another Video Keno variant that offers a bonus feature centered to the hatching of dinosaur eggs that corresponds to the number applied to multiply the player's winnings. A two hatched dinosaur eggs for instance will multiply the player's winnings by a factor of four while three hatched dinosaur eggs will multiply the winnings into a factor of eight and so forth.

The bonus principle is the same as Cleopatra Keno which is to multiply a Keno player's winnings for a more profitable winning. Only Caveman Keno does not necessitate the last number drawn to match the player's winning numbers. There may be as much as four bonus dinosaur eggs to give the Keno player a bonus along the game.

The Caveman version of Video Keno are presented with Paleolithic graphics as seen in cartoon strips with a volcano spewing fire, stones, smoke and ash together with the winning numbers. This is accompanied by a loud rumbling sound and sometimes with a shaking effect of the Video Keno machine. Caveman characters are seen poking from one place to another. Though highly graphically entertaining, it does produce noisy, loud sounds.

Every Video Keno game variants have different payback rates which essentially are determined by the casino operators and not as indicated by the Video Keno machine manufacturers. Being able to play at a Video Keno machine that offers the best payback rates can bring significant value to the player's money spent when playing the game of Video Keno.

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