An Overview of the Video Keno Game

Rooted from an ancient Chinese origin, the Video Keno is considered to be one of the most loved casino games for all ages. The Keno game was originally played in land casinos but with the evolution of Internet technology, the Keno game was further enhanced as a Video Keno which can essentially be played with the same applied rules of playing Keno in land casinos.

playing video keno is more convenient because being a video version of Keno games offered from casino establishments it allows its players to play against the machine. Most online Keno versions are based from the video keno game which is literally convenient to play at the push of a button with the convenience of playing Keno at any place and time.

The traditional Keno game was originally made from 80 Chinese characters which were later changed into 80 Arabic characters for better convenience in character comprehension of the general public. But prior to the introduction of its 80 characters, the original old Keno game consisted of 120 Chinese characters.

Its long journey towards stardom were owed to the efforts of a Chinese leader whose brilliant idea of creating a gambling game of Keno helped support his city from a raging war and helped to fund their victory against their enemies. From then on, the Keno game has been introduced as a gambling form of Chinese lottery which eventually crawled its way to become one of the staples in casinos as the game of Keno.

Video Keno is played in a video machine where the players feed either chips or coins to the video slots to start playing. The video machine displays the Keno board consisting of 80 numbers to choose from. The player then needs to choose their lucky numbers with up to 20 numbers to bet on. A random draw is then carried out by the Video Keno machine to pick the winning numbers.

The player has the convenience of playing Video Keno as the computer itself calculates the player's winnings based from their placed bets. The credit score is usually displayed on the Video Keno machine screen. A Keno player is asked whether to opt to play more games or to collect their winnings by pushing the payout button.

Playing Video Keno provides its players the guarantee of having a relaxed game and comfort as the game itself does not require any skills from the players playing the Video Keno. The only participation of the player is putting their bets on the Video Keno slots, choose the numbers and wait until the machine randomly picks all the winning numbers.

Playing the Video Keno game is pure fun with no sweat at all. This is probably the reason why most casino players choose to play Video Keno after a stressful session with other casino games.

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